I'm a front-end web developer and former textile designer who loves making things for the internet. My interests lie at the intersection between excellent code and awesome user interfaces.

In early 2013 I attended the Recurse Center, then worked as a developer at PhotoShelter for a few years. I'm now back at RC as a facilitator.

When I'm not writing code, I knit, cook and play a lot of video games. I live in Brooklyn with my adorably nerdy wife, our three-legged cat and a leopard gecko.


  • Draw Together

    A drawing app that allows multiple users to collaborate on the same image in realtime using a Node websocket server.

  • Knit Counter

    A Backbone mobile web app written in CoffeeScript. Uses localStorage to persist user data.

  • Hacker School Match

    A bookmarklet to compare Hacker Schoolers' skills.

  • Doodler

    An HTML5 canvas drawing application that supports recording and playback.

  • makefolio

    A simple static site generator for image-heavy portfolios written in Ruby.

  • Chat Experiments

    A few implementations of real-time chat, in JavaScript and Ruby.